Pima Anima Care Center is Lowering Adoption Fees to Make Room For Newly Rescued Cats and Dogs

It's been a busy month for Pima Animal Care Center, and not just becase Spring always means new stray cats and dogs: In the last three weeks, the shelter has taken in nearly 100 animals from instances of hoarding cases and one puppy mill.

PACC is getting crowded. As a result, the shelter is dropping pet adoption fees to $20 for any pet older than 6 months. That fee covers the spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations and microchipping and licensing. 

The lower rates continue through the end of April.

The 28 dogs rescued in the latest hoarding case came from a puppy mill, run from a private home near Swan and 26th. PACC’s investigators say these dogs were being bred and sold for commercial profit. A small number of them are puppies and the rest estimated between two and eight years old.

PACC is also accepting donations to their medical fund. Many of the dogs from the puppy mill are expected to need dental work and other care to get them ready for adoption. Donations can be made online

All three hoarding cases continue under investigation at PACC.  A summary:

• April 1: PACC rescued 48 cats and kittens from a single home after the owner, who was evicted, abandoned the cats.
• April 12-19: PACC saved more than 20 cats from a Tucson home near Kolb and 22nd after the owner, who was evicted, abandoned the cats.
• April 19: PACC saved 28 dogs and puppies from a puppy mill in Tucson.