Congressional Candidate Victoria Steele Has a New Campaign Team

The Weekly reported yesterday that Democrat Victoria Steele, who is facing fellow former state lawmaker Matt Heinz in the August Democratic primary that will decide who faces Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally in the November general election, had a lousy fundraising quarter and could be losing her campaign manager.

We heard back to Team Steele after we posted our story. It turns out that a shake-up is in the works. Campaign manager Keith Rosendahl is leaving the campaign, although new spokesman Ed Dunin-Wasowicz tells the Weekly that the parting was amicable.

Dunin-Wasowicz said he and Karen McGarrity would be taking over management of the campaign and a new field director, Nicholas Yollich, has arrived in town from Florida this week.

Steele herself, in a statement via email, downplayed the significance of her fundraising numbers. (She raised less than $40,000 in the first quarter of the year and spent nearly as much, leaving her with less than $45,000 in the bank.)

"Do not underestimate the power of grassroots campaigns," Steele said. "We are a community movement that will take our district back. One issue that I will fight the hardest for in Congress will be cleaning up the corrupt financing system that has candidates begging for checks instead of earning votes."