B-Sides: Wooden Tooth Moving


Saturday, April 16 is a big day for the little local record store Wooden Tooth Records, and there are three reasons why. First, it's Record Store Day, so, generally, it's a big day for any indie shop to draw in vinylphiles to peruse their musical wares. However, it's also the one-year anniversary for the shop. These two simultaneous events will see a host of exclusive Record Store Day releases, the shop's selection of new and used vinyl, free giveaways (totes, hats, posters, CDs and more) and raffle tickets with every purchase to top it all off.

If you were paying attention, you might be thinking, "Didn't she say three reasons?" Good catch, dear reader. I did say three, and the last one's a big one. Wooden Tooth Records is moving out of the backroom at Café Passe and into their very own storefront off Fourth Avenue. You can pop into the new shop at 416 E. Seventh St. from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. to join in on all the RSD/anniversary/moving fun.