Editor's Note

Best of Tucson time

Every year around this time, we release the new ballot for the Best of Tucson reader survey, which will be published in October.

We made some changes based on reader suggestions and we are focusing on local businesses this year. As our web editor Chelo Grubb reminded us in her post on The Range, we're celebrating the people and places who make our city great. We really believe that at Weekly World Central. I guess you could say we drank some of that Tucson Kool-Aid a while back. We believe—even when we don't agree with your choices. It's about celebrating Tucson, but it's also about celebrating our readers, what you love and giving you a big voice every year. Last year we broke, or you, dear readers broke our voting records. Thousands participated and we expect the same again this year.

Go to www.TucsonWeekly.com, and under Best of Tucson on the menu, click Best of Tucson 2016 ballot. Vote. Remember the rules, mostly no ballot stuffing (we pay attention to those IP addresses) and you have to vote for at least 30 categories or the ballot won't count. Thanks for participating, and yes, we will keep reminding you. Round one ends May 15, and then we get to remind you about round two. Love your city people—cast a Best of Tucson ballot.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com