Police Dispatch

Make Love, Not Domestic Violence

North Campbell Avenue

Feb. 28, 11:32 p.m.

A woman was jailed after allegedly scratching up her ex-boyfriend during an argument—though she claimed she'd only scratched him during intercourse—according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriff's deputies responded to Homewood Suites, 4250 N. Campbell Ave., where the woman and her ex had been staying together—apparently in a (failed) attempt to "make things work again."

The ex-boyfriend opened the door of their room shirtless, showing multiple (minor) scratch marks on his chest. The subject—his ex-girlfriend—was very upset, crying and yelling.

The male said they'd both been out drinking together that night when his (ex-)girlfriend had seen other women's numbers in his phone (from when they'd been broken up) and became enraged. When they were both back at the hotel, he said, she'd started cursing and scratching his chest.

The woman, however, adamantly denied trying to hurt her ex, saying his scratches were from when they'd had sex several days earlier.

Deputies weren't able to determine the truth about the scratches, but they had to jail the female anyway—for disturbing the peace (since she'd caused a scene in the hotel lobby, screaming and cursing at staff in front of guests) and trespassing (since she'd returned to the scene to look for her ex-lover, even after being barred from the hotel).