Get a Beer Education at Tap & Bottle Featuring UK Brews

You ever get the feeling while standing in line to order a beer that you just don’t quite know what the menu is talking about? You know the basics, sure—IPAs are bitter, lagers are smoother and you might get free fruit if you order a wheat beer.

Well, now’s the time to bulk up your beer I.Q. by attending Tap & Bottle’s beer school. With five class courses focusing on specific brewing regions, the classes offer a little more in-depth knowledge into different brewing styles around the world, led by instructor Ryan Placzek. While past classes have already featured Belgium and Germany, on Monday, March 28, you can dive into the world of U.K. beers. April 4 (USA) and April 11 (Tucson) will wrap up this series of events.

Each beer school event begins at 7 p.m. at the bar (403 N. Sixth Ave.) The classes are $15 per with a flight of beer and instruction on said beers included. You can enroll for the class of your choosing by visiting the Tap & Bottle website.