Move Over, Magic School Bus—The Physics Bus is Here

Interested in supporting science education in Tucson? All aboard the Physics Bus!

The Physics Bus is a mobile platform chock full of do-it-yourself exhibits that awaken interest and creativity. We want to launch one out of Tucson and we need your help.

The non profit Physics Factory, started by a group of educators with a sense of adventure, has offered tens of thousands of kids eye-popping, mind-bending experiences in science for over 10 years. Recently, we’ve developed a more effective way of getting kids thinking about physics: we bring a bus full of science for kids to explore extraordinary phenomena with ordinary things.

Piloted in Ithaca, NY, and Gainesville, FL over the past year, our interactive museum-on-wheels has been received with overwhelming enthusiasm and high demand. Now our team in Tucson is eager to launch a Physics Bus Southwest.
The organization has started a crowdfunding campaign to reach their goal of $20,000.
$10,000 buys us a solid bus with wheelchair access and air conditioning
$2,000 gets us insurance, licensing and registration
$3,000 allows us to reclassify it, convert it, and outfit it
$5,000 covers the first year of fuel and volunteer support
They have raised $18,100 so far. Want to help them reach their goal or get some more information? Visit the Physics Bus West website.