Editor's Note

Home, Home on The Range

Sometimes I get headaches. OK, so they are symbolic headaches and they revolve around discussions with co-workers and journalism friends about new media and what that means in our work covering news. There's also the print content that we may not think is as important as telling you what our state rep is doing, but readers love nonetheless. Headache.

For almost 10 years the Tucson Weekly has explored this world of new media through our website's blog called The Range. It's been a great source for our readers seeking breaking news, new places to eat and drink, odd and fun things to do over the weekend, random stories from other news sources we think our readers would like, and yes, that occasion cat video.

But we are also home to bloggers you won't find any place else. David Safier, a retired educator who cut his blogging teeth at Blogging for Arizona, has been with the Weekly on the Range for more than two years. His education writing and opinion pieces are some of the best in the city and state, and he certainly generates a lot of love and hate on our blog and often takes off on our social media.

His latest on administrative spending at local public school districts and charter schools is a good and needed read. Safier looked at data that shows regular public schools spending far less on administrative costs than charter schools. New media headaches, yes, this new world is a pain at times. But our online content on The Range, with writers such as Safier, are often the relief needed to help us in this business of informing our readers. He also happens to be one I particularly appreciate in our crazyland state that constantly attacks public education.

Bravo, Safier!

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com