Police Dispatch

Exhibitionist Offender

West Ina Road

Jan. 29, 2:13 a.m.

A drunk driver might have escaped arrest had he not ostentatiously advertised his crime before he even got on the road (fortunately for his own and others' safety), a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

A resident of a foothills-area apartment complex told sheriff's deputies that he saw the subject's car in the complex's parking lot, apparently just about to pull out of a parking space. The reportee said he noticed the car—a silver Geo Prizm—because a man inside was making wild gestures (apparently with the vehicle's interior light on), honking the horn and banging his head on the steering wheel.

The first deputy on scene easily found the car just then backing out of the parking space very slowly. The deputy blocked the car with his own, telling the driver to exit—to which the man replied, "I'm trying!" Eventually he had to be pulled out of the vehicle, found to be very unsteady and reeking of alcohol. A couple of Budweiser cans were found on the car's floorboard; the subject admitted he'd been drinking (first saying he'd had two drinks, then saying it was four).

He performed terribly on field-sobriety tests and his blood-alcohol level showed him to be extremely intoxicated.

After a blood draw was taken and a citation issued, the subject said his father could pick him up—but after he stated "his dad might be drunk" too, a deputy told him that "was probably not a good idea." A cab took him home.