Casa Video Top 10

Celebrate something this weekend. Whether you're in the mood for an erotic Valentine's-themed circus, bringing a furry friend home, or simply enjoying the local beer scene, Tucson has you covered. 

Or, celebrate your own space by stocking up for a movie night at home. Here's a list of Casa Video's most sought after movies from the last week:

1. The Martian

2. Bridge of Spies

3. The Last Witch Hunter

4. Straight Outta Compton

5. The Intern 

6. Everest

7. Rock the Kasbah

8. Goosebumps

9. Burnt

10. Truth

One last thing for those of you who are all in for a movie night, but are having a tough time getting off the couch: In this week's cover story, New Suds on the Block, Heather Hoch introduces five of the best new bars. Guess which local video store's new film bar made the list.