Casa Video Top 10

You know, most weeks we talk about the Casa Video Top 10 as an alternative to spending the weekend actually doing things. But this weekend, there's a lot going on. You should go to Hotel Congress' Dillinger Days, watch This Changes Everything and/or do your part to beat back buffelgrass. And when you're done kicking ass and having fun, you should reward yourself with a night in, some salty popcorn and a film you didn't manage to catch in theaters. 

These were the most rented DVDs at Casa Video last week:

1. The Martian 

2. Sicario

3. Hotel Transylvania 2

4. Hitman: Agent 47

5. The Walk

6. Irrational Man 

7. The Visit

8. Sinister 2

9. Bone Tomahawk

10. The Green Inferno