Fort Worth Release New Music Video Ahead of Third Album

As Tucson’s Fort Worth readies its third album, the band is releasing a new music video for “Good Year,” a punk anthem about getting free from the day-to-day slog to do what you love.

The clip, directed by Eric Christopher, makes the most of the song’s celebratory attitude, tracing a (fictional) day in the band’s life, from waking up to getting together to practice to rolling up at the Surly Wench Pub for a night’s gig.

“It is difficult to have careers and make time to do the work that it takes to be in a band. The entire point of that song is regardless of how much shit we have going on, we’re still going to make cool music. What we were trying to convey was this whole idea of going from being kids to being adults, but still jamming in your room with guitars,” says singer-guitarist Greg Wheaton. “The concept was easy to direct. We just wanted to do something that’s fun.”

Fort Worth’s first album since 2010 is just about finished (title TBA), with the band aiming for a formal release show sometime mid-winter.

“We’ve actually been playing some of these brand new songs for four years,” Wheaton says. “Part of the reason we go so long between albums is we don’t want to just push out songs we’re not proud of. The songs aren’t super complicated or anything. We just work on them as much as possible.”

With members from such stalwart Tucson punk bands like Good Talk Russ, The Elemenopees, The Croutons, Ladies and Gentlemen and Demon City Wreckers (among many others), Fort Worth brings together decades of experience. 

“We were all in bands before that tried to make it you know, and the best thing about this band is the five us have all been playing for 15 years or more. We’re stoked when people like us, but we’re past the point of trying to make it,” says guitarist Matt Hamblin. “It’s the best band I’ve ever been in because it’s really just for fun.”

Fort Worth will perform Saturday, Nov. 28 at The Flycatcher (340 E. Sixth St.). Havarti Orchestra and Carbon Canyon will be kicking off the show at 8 p.m. and it is a free event.