Queen Me

Chess is a game of wits, strategy and a favorite of the Wu Tang Clan. The game is far more than just something intellectuals do at the park, there are championships and, of course, champions. On Saturday, Aug. 15 from 3 to 6 p.m., Hotel Congress, 311 E. Congress St., will bring U.S. woman chess champion Irina Krush to their 9 Queens 8th annual Chess Fest. The free community chess festival will feature fun activities, beginner chess lessons, games, chess arts and crafts, and a giant, human-sized chess board in the parking lot. Twenty participants will be chosen in a lottery to play Grandmaster Krush and showcase their skills, or maybe just get beat by the woman who made a world record when she became chess champion at age 14 in 1998. Most all activities at the chess fest will be free thanks to a generous donation by The Connie Hillman Foundation and Paul Gold. For more information, visit www.9queens.org.