Police Dispatch

Well, He Didn't Have a Badge

North Campbell Ave.

June 25, 12:02 a.m.

A young, underage civilian tried to make a deputy provide multiple forms of ID even as he was being arrested for having a fake ID (and was quite plastered, having just reportedly requested fellatio from a bartender), a PCSD report stated.

Deputies responded to a north-side bar, where staff said a large young male was refusing to leave once they'd learned his identification was fake (and after he'd told one bartender to "suck his dick").

Deputies found him outside with a friend, who insisted he didn't know how the subject got drunk, saying he himself was a good customer at the bar, knew both owners and would never help a minor drink.

But soon, by forcing the subject to provide three forms of identification, one deputy discovered he'd actually been using the friend's ID. The subject then got angry, saying his arrest wasn't fair because the deputy hadn't shown him three forms of ID. The deputy simply replied "that was something that did not really have to be done."

The subject refused to be photographed on scene ... until told he'd otherwise be photographed in jail.

He finally signed a citation, telling one deputy, "I will see you in court." He and his friend (both apparently wasted) were released to a sober driver.