McSally Calls Iran Agreement a "Dangerous Deal" While Grijalva Sees "Triumph of International Relations"

The Iran deal announced earlier today has drawn a lot of criticism from Republicans and cautious support from Democrats.

Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-CD3) joined his Congressional Progressive Caucus colleagues in praising the agreement:
The historic agreement struck today between the United States, our allies, and Iran is a triumph of international relations. President Obama, Secretary Kerry and our P5+1 partners have proven that there is a better paradigm for foreign engagement than the constant threat of military action: it’s called diplomacy. This deal is the responsible way to avert nuclear ambitions, and to ensure that we all share a safer and more peaceful world.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Martha McSally (R-CD2) is critical of the proposal:

Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. They have the blood of Americans and our allies on their hands and show no signs of stopping their destabilizing actions in the region. During these negotiations, I joined my Arizona colleagues to outline specific requirements that needed to be included in any deal, such as “anytime, anywhere” inspections and the dismantling of infrastructure needed to cut off Iran’s pathway to a nuclear weapon. I have serious concerns those requirements were not met.

Instead of dismantling Iran’s nuclear program, as was the Administration’s stated goal, this deal seems to keep it intact. It naively assumes Iran simply will stop supporting terrorism across the Middle East and threatening our close ally Israel, things it has done for decades. By removing sanctions, it eliminates all pressure for Iran to curb its destructive actions, while hastening their acquisition of ballistic missiles and other weapons.

The dangers of a bad deal cannot be overstated. A nuclear capable Iran will bolster their influence, further decay regional stability, and present a greater and more destructive threat to our security and that of our allies than ever before. Over the next 60 days, I will review this agreement and take action along with my colleagues as needed to protect Americans from a dangerous deal.