Help Out Some Folks Trying To Help Out New Moms

Here's an Indiegogo campaign you should get behind: Crissi Blake and Nina Isaac, who operate the company Milk and Honey, are raising funds to create a breastfeeding and postpartum center for new moms. Here's how they explain the plan:

Envisioned and brought to life by local, well known IBCLCs, Crissi Blake and Nina Isaac, Milk and Honey will be the first breastfeeding and postpartum center of its kind in Southern Arizona. The need for this center has been a dream for both mothers and professionals in our community for decades.

Opening this summer, Milk and Honey will be a place where moms can feel safe in a warm and nurturing environment while receiving the breastfeeding and postpartum support they so desperately need. 
Crissi was a huge help to my family when my kid arrived just about two years ago, so I can vouch for her ability to make a breastfeeding center a success. New moms often need all kinds of support and a this kind of place would be invaluable for helping kids get off to a great start in life. Kick a few dollars their way by visiting their Indiegogo campaign here.