Use This Weekend to go on a Tour of Tucson's Best Chicken Wings

Someone recently called me an "insufferable chicken wing snob." They're not wrong—chicken wings were the only thing I would order at restaurants until, oh, probably around middle school. 

Point being, I've eaten quite a few wings in my day. Hell, I still want them to be my main course most nights. Obviously, this fowl affection means I have some pretty strong feelings about which Best of Tucson® Finalist should win.

But this is for you to decide, not me. 

Now, I want you to make an educated decision here. Think about your plans for this weekend. I'm having a hard time imagining how those plans would be made worse by adding Chicken Wing Taste Test 2015. 

So, give our finalists (1702Brushfire BBQProperRocco's Little ChicagoWings Over Broadway—all selected in the first round of Best of Tucson balloting, of course) a call, bring home a stack of wings, and find out for yourself which ones are the most delicious. Then go fill out at least 30 categories (including Best Chicken Wings on Page 8, obviously) of your Best of Tucson® ballot

Don't let me down, Tucson.