Learn about Edible Native Plants at Food Conspiracy Co-Op

Join the Sonoran Herbalist on Thursday, May 21 for an introductory lesson in the edible plants of our desert landscape. At Food Conspiracy Co-op, John Slattery—the Sonoran Herbalist—will be teaching Sonoran foraging, showing which plants in our surrounding area can be used in our kitchens.

According to Sonoran Herbalist, there are nearly 400 different edible plants in the low desert alone, so there will be a lot to learn. The class will will include a sampling and presentation on the topic, showing the nutritional value and unique flavor these plants can bring.

The co-op, which is located at 412 N. Fourth Ave., is asking interested attendees register online via the co-op website at least 24 hours in advance of the class itself. The Introduction to Edible Plants of the Sonoran Desert course is $8 and runs from 6 until 8 p.m.

Slattery will follow up Thursday's class on June 11 that will show how to incorporate foraged foods into recipes, including fermented goods and breads. The class is $12 and you can find more information on the co-op's event page. It is limited to 25 attendees.