Arizona Board of Regents to Vote on Lower College Tuition for DREAMers Proposal in June

The Arizona Board of Regents will not make a decision on possible lower college tuition rates for DREAMers until their next meeting in June. 

If approved, the proposal would allow young immigrants brought here as children, and who get a work permit and legal presence in the country under Obama's 2012 DACA program, to attend a state university and pay 150 percent of what the in-state undergraduate rate is. At the UA that'd be about $17,000—instead of more than $30,000,  which is what the out-of-state rate DREAMers have been dealing with for three years, leaving many in limbo after attending a community college

To qualify, the student must have attended high school in the state for at least three years. 

DREAMers have been getting in-state tuition at Pima Community College since fall 2013. 

Regarding tuition for everyone else, this is what ABOR approved for the UA yesterday (UA President Ann Weaver Hart worked with undergrad and graduate student leaders in the Associated Students of the University of Arizona and the Graduate and Professional Student Council to come up with the tuition and fees proposal):
- New undergrads who are Arizona residents will pay $446 more a year, a grand total of $11,403. For out-of-state students, attending the UA would cost $33,630, a hike of more than $3,000 a year.

- Returning UA undergrads, with the exception of last fall's incoming freshmen who enrolled in a tuition-freeze plan for eight consecutive semesters, will see an increase of $291 a year (up from the current annual tuition of $10,581). However, they have the option of enrolling in the tuition-freeze program this fall and paying last year's rate, which is about $10,900 a year.

- New students will also have the option to enroll in a guaranteed program that'll keep them safe from more increases for the next four years.

- Resident graduate students don't get to enjoy tuition-freeze, so they'll pay $325 more a year (a total of $12,048). The cost for out-of-state graduates is up by $1,665 to $30,370 a year.
The state Legislature and Gov. Doug Ducey cut $99 million from the universities' funding, with close to $30 million bitten off the UA. 

An Arizona Daily Wildcat Article by Ethan McSweeney said that, at the meeting yesterday, Regents Chairman Mark Killian said he has been speaking to attorneys to explore ABOR's possibilities of suing the state for continuously making cuts. He added the actions may violate a section of the state Constitution, which says public ed should be very close to free-of-charge.
Oh, do I wish and hope this happens.