Police Dispatch

Even Cowboys Get DUIs

San Xavier Beat

March 2, 3:34 p.m.

A woman found her husband at a Western-themed bar, extremely intoxicated, and begged him not to drive—only to be rewarded with a dented bumper on her own car after he insisted he was fine and promptly drove right into it with his large pickup truck, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report. The man was found and arrested at another Western-themed watering hole very nearby.

Six different sheriff's deputies responded to a call from the wife, who met several of them at the Buggy Wheel Bar, 3156 E. Drexel Road, where she said she'd been looking for her husband—and found him about to leave the place, clearly fall-over drunk but insisting he was fine to drive. She said she begged him not to do it, but he angrily ignored her, got into his full-size Chevy pickup and then immediately reversed it straight into her car, which was parked about 3 feet behind his.

Now even angrier, she said, he left his keys in his truck and drunkenly stormed off on foot ... from the Buggy Wheel just up the road to the Cattle Town Steakhouse & Saloon, 3141 E. Drexel Road.

One deputy found him quietly leaning against the rear wall of the saloon with his hands in the pockets of his blue jeans. Confronted about the collision, he said he hadn't even been driving—considering he'd only been in his vehicle for less than a minute before hitting his wife's—but he eventually understood that he shouldn't have been "in physical control" of it.

"Take me to jail," he said. So to jail he went, for driving under the influence.