Make a Special Donation to Help Clean Up The Fox Theatre

To help cover restoration costs for the vandalized Fox Theatre, you can visit its website and make a special donation (or call 547-3040)—anyone who gives $75 or more will get a free one year membership. 

"The response from many in the community who wish to protect and preserve this beautiful historic theatre has been overwhelming," says a statement by Craig Sumberg, executive director of the Fox Foundation. "We are so grateful for those who have offered their donations of time and money to help restore the front entryway."

The foundation is also raising money to install security cameras to prevent any future attacks. 

There will be a free music even Saturday for 2nd Saturdays, and donations will also be accepted then. 

The Tucson Police Department is looking into area security cameras that may have captured who graffitied the theatre's entry. If anyone has information, call 88-CRIME.