Police Dispatch

No Dogs Allowed (From Now On)

Jan. 26, 3:48 p.m.

A woman was caught trying to shoplift from a big-box store by hiding items beneath a tiny dog perched in her purse, a PCSD report said.

Deputies met with the loss-prevention officer at a local Walmart, where the woman was still on location (and still shoplifting). They watched a video of her taking items from shelves and concealing them carefully beneath a Chihuahua dog riding in her handbag.

At first, when deputies met her in an aisle with a purse full of booty (hidden beneath her pet's booty), she staunchly claimed she'd just been using the purse as a "shopping bag" (in which her dog just happened to be settled), and she'd intended to pay for everything before leaving. (She pretended it wasn't suspicious that she was also toting a legit Walmart shopping basket.)

Finally, once deputies pointed out that she'd obviously ripped off the security tag from one of the items in her possession (a dog sweater, as it happened), she admitted she'd been trying to steal it (and the other items in her "shopping bag"). She started acting ashamed and apologetic, saying she was going through tough times.

Even though the pup-assisted pilferer proved to have stolen from this Walmart several times previously—and was currently trespassing—in the end, deputies declined to jail her. They were apparently lenient largely due to her worry about what would happen to her purse-toted pet, since she had nobody to pick him up—as well as the fate of a different dog she'd left in her car outside (an atrocious deed for another story). She was cited and released.