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Ten Fifty-Five's collaboration saison with Agustin Kitchen is now at Tap & Bottle.

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So, when I was getting started this job, Mari had just taken over as editor. She and I sat down and talked about all of the things we want to do on the Internet and, man, I think you'll like what we're working on. But more on that another day.

Mari also mentioned a long lost Instagram account which the Weekly apparently started and abandoned years ago. We're using the account to let you know what's going on around town, give you a preview of the stories we're working on and (of course) show you when we are presented with something so delicious.

We're just getting started up again. I hope you'll join us over at @tucsonweekly.

National adjunct walkout day at the University of Arizona.

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Bandito Blanco at 5 Points Market.

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