Editor's Note

Last week, sitting in the Dusty Monk Pub with my love having beers with his ex-partner of 22 years and her beau of three, it's not hard to think about the love and lives we make for ourselves. To those lurking on the edges, it may seem strange, when it's actually quite amazing. This relatively new neighborhood bar in the middle of the Presidio and that evening had me thinking about all of this and more. Not far from us were people I know from Tucson's immigrant rights community, including a writer who contributes to our pages. At the bar sat Tucson's hipster duke getting ready to dive into a large cocktail. This is my community, beloved and otherwise, and I know many of you have had these moments—reminders that carry our nights driven by what we love and care about most.

It's Valentine's Day weekend, and no, I think other than my son, the last time I went out of my way to give out cards was in grade school, like those Mork and Mindy ones my mother bought at the grocery store that I carefully applied tape to lollipops and chocolates. As adults, sometimes it seems like there's just not enough Scotch tape in all the world to place enough chocolate hearts over the cards I should give to all my Valentines. Then there's the sentiment that every day should be Valentine's Day—agreed; bring those Dove heart-shaped chocolates and tequila to my desk every day. Please.

So here we are; another issue of the Tucson Weekly. Another little piece of our heart; the other bits and pieces we leave around town, like at the Dusty Monk. Think of it as a mix of store bought and homemade: some old doily I pasted on, and some chocolate and crushed candy bits taped on the side—stories from staff writers Jim Nintzel and María Inés Taracena; an actual Valentine to Food City by Tucson writer Charlie Buck, and our cover story on the state of craft beer from our own food and music writer Heather Hoch. There's more.

Read it. Take five extra copies home with you. Write to us. Let us know if the pages still make good fish wrap. And be extra nice to those Valentine's in your life and don't forget: Love you, Tucson.

—Mari Herreras, Managing Editor


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