Give This Pug Puppy with a Broken Elbow All of Your Money Already

For just a couple minutes, let's all suspend our cynicism here and rally together in support of a little pug puppy named Apple. Poor little Apple jumped off of a high sofa and fractured her dog elbow. She found her way to the Hug A Pug AZ Rescue and Adoption Group after her original owners had to give her up because they couldn't afford the surgery to get her fixed up.

"She is in pain and we want to get the surgery as soon as possible," Peggy Gal of Hug A Pug AZ said. "In addition to the surgery on her elbow she needs to be spayed and microchipped before she has a chance at adoption and a full, pain free life."

The rescue group has taken to a crowdfunding campaign to raise $2,000 for Apple's puppy surgery. You might be thinking, "Why should I care about this tiny baby dog with a broken elbow?" Well, here's some reasons:

1) Have you looked at that dog's smushed up little face? Come on.
2) It's Friday, which means it's payday and you probably already paid rent last week. You know you have a few bucks to spare.
3) If my dog got hurt, I'd hope people would help and if your dog got hurt, I definitely would help. That's what people do in a community: they help each other—especially when the one that needs help is a helpless puppy named Apple with a broken leg. Without upholding these basic tenets of community and human decency, we'd all be living in anarchy.

Cough up $10 or so for this dog via Fundly and be a better person for it.