More UA, ASU Students Joining Sugar Daddy Sites and That's a Good Thing?

At first, I thought this email was to inform me that it's terrible more female university students are joining websites to connect with sugar daddies—men, usually way older who may or may not be married, who'll pay for your stuff in exchange for your "company"—but then I kept reading, and realized the email was more of a "GOOD NEWS! Here's a great option to pay for school and get rid of debt!"

The email was sent to me by a representative from the site She said that with Arizona's unemployment rate being higher than the national average, how the hell else are students, particularly women, going to get by while getting a higher education or applying for jobs?

From the email:
To combat the cost of college and for networking opportunities, many Arizona college students are turning to the Sugar lifestyle. The number of students joining the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site, grew by 42 percent overall. At ASU, that number grew 55.43 percent in 2014, with 403 new sign-ups. At the University of Arizona, it grew by 32.35 percent, with 99 new sign-ups.

Today, SeekingArrangement releases its annual ranking of the Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools. ASU ranks second out of 50 schools, while the University of Arizona comes in at number 28.
ASU ranking so high doesn't surprise me, because they are like totally on the Playboy list of like best party schools evurrrr.

Anyway, no, Seeking Arrangement spokesperson, I am not going to say nice things about your site, which only fuels the stereotype that women can't get by unless they have a rich man on their side and DEFINITELY promotes the idea that we can be degraded as long as you gives us a big, fat check at the end of it all. Yes, unemployment is high still and salaries low, and most of us had to get loans to go to school because our father isn't Donald Trump or Gov. Doug Ducey, so stop with the bullshit that, unless you have a sugar daddy, there is no way in hell you'll survive in this world during and post college. 

There are plenty of hard-working people who are still struggling but stay away from the type of activities the site promotes.

From the email:
Fifty-five percent of college students in Arizona graduate with student loan debt. The allure of this lifestyle is deeply rooted in financial gain, as the average Sugar Baby receives $3,000 in monthly allowances.
Do what you please, but that website up there is just sad.