Test Your Problem Solving Skills While Trying Not to get (Fake) Murdered

I'm always hearing people say (well, I'm always hearing myself say) they work best under pressure. You know—if you start your taxes in January, your kitchen table is going to be covered in paperwork for two weeks, but if you start them April 10, you're done in an afternoon? Well, now you've got the chance to test just how good you are under threat of murder.

Step back in time to 1952. The Hollywood Golden Age. Elvis Presley played on the radio, Dragnet on the television. You have entered into a glamorous Hollywood starlet's dressing room but she is nowhere to be found. Upon investigation you discover she's been murdered! Can you follow the clues to solve the murder before the killer returns? Do you have what it takes to get out in time??? WILL YOU ESCAPE?
Oh man, that's a lot of question marks. I find myself intrigued and terrified. 

A rather mysterious website has popped up, inviting Tucsonans to sign up for the "Hollywood Room." Tickets can be booked from Feb. 1 to the end of July. You can book private parties if your office or D&D group or babysitter's club want to give it a go.

I've heard some really wonderful things about How to Host a Murder parties, and $20 per person sounds pretty reasonable for not having to be the person who sets the whole thing up.