The Human Condition

You need space for the kind of work Michael Cajero has produced for his latest show, which debuts Sunday, Jan. 18, from 2 to 6:30 p.m. at the Process Museum, 8000 S. Kolb Road (northwest corner of I-10 and Kolb). This powerful show is, as described by Cajero, a depiction of the human condition, good and bad, as of the early 21st century. This is Cajero's life's work of papier mache and stoneware sculpture, as well as some of his framed oil pastel drawings. The papier mache works take up one whole 5,700-square-foot building with life-sized sculptures distributed over 12 rooms and hallways including 73 human figures, 17 busts/heads, 13 dogs, eight cats, two falling horses, one bull, three other animals, five ladders, eight boxes, seven wheel chairs, three bicycles, two pairs of hands, 13 musical instruments, four chairs, one couch and more than 50 other items. In total more than 210 items. Human figures are depicted as they might be at work, or enjoying music in a nightclub, or in a nursing home waiting to die, or at a CIA secret site being tortured. For more info on the show, visit the Facebook event page, Michael Cajero Art Exhibition.