Alton Brown Wants You to Tell Him Where to Eat in Tucson

Chances are you have about twenty different food carts, holes in the wall, and other hidden gems that you are just dying to let the world know about. Well, nerdy TV food enthusiast Alton Brown wants to hear what you’ve got.

According to Brown’s blog, he’s hitting the road to try tasty places across the country in nearly 40 different cities and Tucson is one of them. He’s asking Tucsonians to take to Twitter and Facebook to namedrop as many local food hot spots as possible using the hashtag #ABRoadEatsTucson.

The post says Brown is specifically looking for late night snacks, coffee shops, sandwiches, and restaurants in general. The crowd-sourced food tour is part of Brown’s Edible Inevitable Tour, which will bring him through Tucson on Saturday, March 22. For more information on his Tucson appearance and to buy tickets, check out the tour’s website.

Otherwise, get to Twitter and start telling Alton Brown what’s up.