Police Dispatch



OCT. 24, 9:36 P.M.

After downing some serious medication with hard liquor, a man began a terrible tantrum while channeling a variety of wildlife, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the man's house, where he lived with this father. The father said his son—a 6-foot, heavyset 46-year-old—"was on all kinds of medications" related to medical problems. The father said he usually took his meds with booze, but tonight he'd apparently gone too far, taking an unknown number of pain pills with two-fifths of straight vodka—then starting screaming, cussing and banging his head on the floor and walls. This had reportedly been occurring for hours by the time law enforcement arrived.

During his substance-induced tantrum, the son had reportedly started "yelling like a lion" and "roaring like a tiger." (Apparently, the father could indeed distinguish between these felines' calls.) Then, he said, the son started "crawling around like a reptile."

Deputies located the maniacal man in his torn-apart bedroom, where various pills and bottles were strewn about. The man wore no shirt or shoes, with his pants were "halfway down his buttocks" and "saturated with liquid down by the bottom, as if the subject had urinated on himself."

He was extremely incoherent, had a rug burn on his face and could hardly walk (or stand). While deputies tried to help him don a T-shirt, he kept yelling, "Cocksucker!" and said they were all "fucking idiots."

The big man was so incapacitated that multiple deputies had to carry him outside to a patrol car, near which paramedics assessed him. But since his vitals were normal and the man refused to be hospitalized, he was jailed instead.

The reportee was "glad," since he was afraid to sleep with his son in the house in case he burned it down. (His son had also physically threatened him.) The father said his son probably needed rehab.



A man sexually hassled an elderly woman and then beat up someone who tried to defend her, a PCSD report stated.

Dispatch described a man with a gun who'd been "ranting and raving" at a foothills-area apartment complex, mentioning murder. At the scene, deputies found this man beating up another man.

The male victim said the subject had been hanging around his complex, and that day he'd heard the subject make a lascivious comment to a senior woman—something about how he liked her hair color and wanted to "taste the rainbow."

The subject reportedly beat up the victim after he tried to defend the old woman.

When deputies handcuffed the combative subject, he said they should "fuck off" and told one he'd "beat (his) ass." After being put in special restraints, he kicked the patrol-car window all the way to jail.