Day Drinking ... with Amo Dabney

OK, so that occasional and extremely lo-fi series taking place at a bar near you continues with Tucson musician Amochip Dabney, founder of the Amosphere, a tight and talented group of musicians who perform blues, New Orleans, reggae, rock and many of Amo's own. He's fun to talk with, but you better figure out a time to catch his band. They have a loyal following for a reason—and please don't be afraid to dance. People, when did that become a thing?

A great place to see Amosphere is at the Boondocks, which is where we met up with Amo and his partner, Jill Davis-Nunes, for some Bloody Marys and beers. They have a show at the Boondocks coming up Nov. 21. If you can't make that, get to Maker House on Nov. 14, Whiskey Tango on Nov. 15 or the eastside Sakura on Nov. 28.

And to keep in touch with his shows and music, visit his band's Facebook page or Amo's website,