Accommodating Accountability

The staff of Benson's only dispensary work extra-hard to serve their clientele

Opened in July, and nestled

in the heart of Benson, Total Accountability Patient Care (TAPC) stands alone as the community's medical marijuana dispensary.

While dispensary manager Nikki Pinkerton said TAPC got off to a slow start, it has since gained traction as patients take advantage of top-notch product at some of the lowest prices in the state.

"None of our eighths are over $50, and none of our ounces are over $350, and that's tax included," said Pinkerton. "We really try to provide the best product possible at the lowest rate possible."

In addition to constant low prices, TAPC has ongoing specials intended to draw the eye of medical marijuana patients. These currently include coupons for $10 grams, buy three get one free pre-roll, a free pipe with a purchase, and a $20 referral discount, all specials that can be found on the company website at

Additional changes are also in the works at TAPC. Currently, the shop is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., but the dispensary is soon to move to being open seven days per week. The shop will also be harvesting its own grow, and delivery is a likely option, according to Pinkerton.

This will be particularly beneficial to TAPC's clientele, who due to age may have mobility issues.

"Our demographic is largely elderly people, many of which have issues with chronic pain," said Pinkerton. "Many of these patients are attempting to get off of painkillers, and so we are trying to promote a lot of activism to help them do that."

TAPC is also very interested in educating its patients, and even goes so far as to help patients, free of charge, with doctor recommendations and fill out their paperwork so they can receive their medical marijuana card.

"We get a lot of people who stick with our dispensary because we offer free help," said Pinkerton. "Patients may try another place, but they usually end up coming back."

That is much in part due to the fact that the two staffers of TAPC make it their goal to accomplish a hometown dispensary as opposed to a corporate setting.

"A lot of it here is word of mouth, so we depend on people talking about us and our product," said Pinkerton.

All of TAPC's product is hand-selected from across the state, and the shop currently offers about 26 strains, with more to come once their own harvest is established. Their inventory also includes an array of edibles—which is also set to increase once the dispensary opens its culinary kitchen, due for completion this year.

For more information about Total Accountability Patient Care, visit the company website or call 586-8710.