Oye, Google: What If Soy Milk Really Is Just Milk Introducing Itself in Spanish?

H/T to Latino Rebels for their reaction to Google's launch of .SOY, a web domain for Latinos.

I'm confused. I mean, since the reconquista already happened doesn't that mean that ALL web domains are Latino?

Well, yes and no.

From Latino Rebels:

The development of which I speak has to do with how Mountain View, California-based Google’s launch of .SOY, a web domain targeting the country’s Latinos, was supposed to herald a new day on the Latino web, with some “Hispanic marketing experts” waxing triumphant about our (finally) getting some respect from a company that has a less-than-triumphant record of hiring Latinos or black people.

And then the Latino and vegan web responded: Hey Google, “soy” (Spanish for “I am”) sounds more like a domain name for one of the tony vegan Mexican restaurants where Google and other Silicon Valley workers eat $15 tacos than it does a hub for online Latinos.

Far from being the Latino web sensation Google and its “experts” expected, .SOY provides fodder for the amateur comedian in us all, with Latinos and vegans joining forces, taking the “.SOY” domain and applying it to different adjectives like quépendejo.soy (how stupid I am), #soyhispandering or calling .SOY “The must-have domain for the lactose-intolerant.”

Twitter desmadre:


In the end, can't help but think of Cheech and Chong's "Mexican Americans," because, well yeah, Latinos kinda like lots of different things, even soy milk.