Rick Santorum Faults Gay Marriage For Surge in Single Moms, and Polygamy is Next

If you're wondering why you're seeing more single moms and swingers walking around your neck of the woods, Rick Santorum might have figured it out. Former presidential candidate was a guest on Phyllis Schlafly's crazy ass right-wing talk radio show "Eagle Live Forum," and he said same-sex marriage is the reason why there are less happily straight married couples.

Here's a quote thanks to The Gaily Grind:  
“What we need to do is reclaim what marriage is,” Santorum said during the radio interview. “If marriage is simply a romantic relationship between two people — and by the way, that’s what it’s devolved to in the minds of a lot of Americans — if that’s all that marriage is then it’s hard to make the argument that any two people, any three or four people shouldn’t be able to get married.”
You can listen to the gay marriage expert below if you can't believe what you're reading: 

(via The Gaily Grind)