Police Dispatch

All About His Mother



JUNE 30, 9:31 P.M.

A drunk man living with his mother went crazy in her front yard but refused psychological help—instead treating deputies like a taxi service and going to jail instead, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A woman told dispatch that her adult, live-in son had been acting delusional and violent that day (the call-taker could hear him screaming nonsense in the background, apparently from her front porch).

Deputies found the son drinking beer from open containers in the mother's front yard and determined he was extremely intoxicated. He repeatedly asked deputies, "What the fuck is this?"

He couldn't understand what was wrong being drunk in his front yard, though he didn't address reports of him acting threateningly toward his mother and screaming profanities throughout the neighborhood.

He kept saying "he believed (deputies) were wasting taxpayers' dollars because there was no reason for (them) to be there."

He told deputies he'd been a meth user but was trying to get off. Since his mother had said he suffered from depression, deputies offered him transport to the Southern Arizona Crisis Response Center; he refused but said he would like a ride to another house a notable distance away.

Deputies arrested him for disorderly conduct and domestic violence, since he'd frightened his mother, and took him to the Pima County Adult Detention Center.



JUNE 9, 4 P.M.

A drunk transient was arrested for screaming and throwing rocks at cars in the foothills area, a PCSD report stated.

Deputies responded to a call about a drunk homeless man on the median at La Cholla Boulevard and Ina Road, reportedly yelling at the ground and throwing rocks at passing cars.

Deputies found the man (who later confirmed his homelessness) on the median still yelling, now waving his arms at another transient who was walking away from the median, screaming toward him, "Come back here or I'll kick your ass!"

After finally submitting to deputies' handcuffs, he claimed the other man had been threatening to kick his ass, so he was only yelling in retaliation. (He later changed his story to say the man had been wielding a gun.)

No matter who'd started the fight, however, he'd been violent in public and was obstructing an extremely busy intersection, so deputies arrested him.

En route to jail, the subject incessantly cursed at his arresting officer, calling him "foul names" and now threatening to kick his ass and fight the deputy the next time he saw the him. He said if he spent long in jail, after release he'd break multiple deputies' car windshields.

He also threatened to complain to Internal Affairs about the way he was treated and the names the deputy was supposedly calling him.

He was eventually deposited at the jail.