Monsoon Storms & Fireworks Light Up 4th of July Skies

While an Independence Day weekend filled with free entertainment over the skies of Tucson was expected, the Old Pueblo got a bonus treat as the long-awaited monsoon storms finally delivered. Here is a collection of photos and videos found 'round the net.

A time-lapse of Saturday evening's monsoon storm whipping through the UA campus, as fillmed by the University of Arizona Atmospheric Sciences.

The city's 4th of July display over A Mountain.
  • Leigh Spigelman
  • A Mountain (Sentinel Peak) saw plenty of smoke, but no fire this 4th of July.

The citys display over Downtown.
  • Curtis Dutiel
  • Fireworks in Downtown Tucson, and for once it's not over budget cuts!

Fireworks on "A Mountain" in downtown Tucson Arizona from Sean Parker on Vimeo.

An amazing time-lapse of the fireworks display over Sentinel Peak Park on Friday, July 4th, from local professional photographer Sean Parker.

Carusos Italian Cyprus trees slow-dancing just before the storm hit 4th Ave.
  • Caruso's Italian Cyprus trees were slow-dancing just before the storm hit 4th Ave late Saturday afternoon.

A Fish Called Wander? Local creative director Nicola Freegard found this hatchery bluegill about a half-mile walk away from Reid Park Lake on Saturday. "The lake was teeming with very large fish, I suspect this was to be dinner for one of the park's hawks or larger birds. In England there's a history of fish falling from the sky—that would be a fantastical sight in Tucson!"

San Xavier Misson
  • Judith Gonzalez
  • Mission San Xavier del Bac

Judith Gonzales, a full-time MBA student at the University of Phoenix who also works at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson, caught a great cellphone shot of a monsoon cloud approaching Mission San Xavier del Bac as she was driving into her new neighborhood. "Hopefully next time I can use my real camera and get some closer shots!"

Saturdays big storm let a little sunset shine through.
  • Saturday's big storm let a partial sunset shine through, but you had to get across the railroad tracks and above Maynard's Market and Kitchen to see it.

Retired amateur photographer Leigh Spigelman had an excellent view of every firework display atop his home near Skyline and Campbell, and got this surreal shot just as the extended weekend came to a end.

Sunday evenings atomic sunset.
  • Leigh Spigelman
  • Sunday evening's atomic sunset, as seen near Campbell and Skyline.