Two benefits featuring band reunions, including the return of Malignus Youth


Who doesn't enjoy reunion shows? Heck, I basically went to Coachella in April just for reunions (Outkast and the Replacements) and was willing to be surrounded by young people and airborne dust just for the opportunity to see groups I had a sentimental attachment to. For turn-of-the-century Tucson music fans, Saturday night, June 28, at Flycatcher might provide a similar rush of happy feelings from the near past as the Radiohead-esque How to Build a Rocketship (who disbanded in 2000), Ryanhood-precursor Easyco (done in 2004) and Redlands (definitely a shorter hiatus, but even three years off can seem like a long time). The three acts are getting the band back together to benefit an attempt to bring a low-power FM rock station to downtown Tucson, so hey, music for music. Makes sense, right? Members of the bands, most notably How to Build a Rocketship frontman Jason Garthwait, who lives in Delaware, are coming in from all over to play this thing and it's only $6 for the 7:30 p.m. show. More info at


Also in solid music-related causes, the Rialto is hosting a benefit for Solar Culture, also on Saturday, June 28, also featuring a reunion as harmony driven punk/melodic hardcore act Malignus Youth plays its first show in 14 years (take that, How to Build a Rocketship...ok, not really) with openers Flying Donkey Punch, Twisted Heads Collective and Phoenix Hooker Cops. It makes perfect sense that Malignus Youth would choose to use their reunion as an occasion to raise money for local-treasure Solar Culture, considering the band's heyday largely centered around shows at Eye's previous venture, the late, lamented Downtown Performance Center. As idealistic as it sounds, the crowd that followed Malignus out into the desert for shows or jammed inside a warehouse on Stone every few weeks was really a family, which is immediately apparent when looking at the Facebook page for this show, which reads like the online gathering place for a high school reunion where people actually want to see each other again. The show will be filmed for a forthcoming Malignus Youth documentary (fittingly titled "Family") funded via Kickstarter in May, but if the band were a part of your youth here in Tucson, waiting for the filmed version just won't do, right? Even if you weren't there the first time, check out the band's music on Youtube or elsewhere, they really were something special, and let's face it, how many bands have the guts or ambition to release a take on the Roman Catholic Mass, as Malignus did with Missa Brevis in 1993? Tickets for the all-ages show are $25 and you can find more info at or join in on pre- and post-show memories at


Just to throw in a show that isn't a reunion of any sort or on Saturday night, Australia's Lime Cordiale is playing a free show at Congress on Friday, June 27. If you enjoy sunny Brit influenced indie-pop like the Kooks or the Wombats, these guys will be right up your alley. Plus, it's free, so what do you have to lose? Bradford Trojan and Free Machines open the 9 p.m. show. More info at


Although based on recent events, it would appear the Rialto might just become a permanent venue for televised soccer events (just kidding, nearly everyone will forget about soccer once America has been eliminated from the World Cup and I say that as a fan), they're still apparently staying in the concert game, announcing a Biz Markie show (Aug. 26, celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Just a Friend") and, in things I did not expect to happen, King Diamond will take the stage on Nov. 3. More on the Danish metal legend as the show approaches, but if you enjoy face paint, satanism and an ominous falsetto, you need get yourself tickets to for this show.

And I couldn't possibly write this column this week without mentioning that Zapp & Roger-inspired duo Chromeo announced a show at the Rialto on Oct. 10 (tickets onsale Friday), an early birthday present for my wife, Tara, who might be the group's biggest fan, obsessing over them since we caught the "Needy Girl" video somewhere. Wave Rider opens, with tickets ranging from $25 to $33. Info for both shows at