Police Dispatch


Green Valley

May 7, 6:50 p.m.

A fiercely racist, xenophobic man—lacking the most basic ethno-cultural knowledge—made a massive scene at a KFC restaurant over a couple missing chicken legs, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriff's deputies arrived at the fried-chicken joint after a call about a customer—now departed—who'd caused a great disturbance by yelling, swearing and throwing things in the middle of the restaurant, demanding he be given two chicken legs.

Employees said the man had earlier picked up a meal, soon returning to claim that it was missing two chicken pieces and blaming the employee who'd first served him, a young man evidently of Western Asian descent. The subject allegedly burst into the venue "going crazy" and yelling, "Where is the fucking Hindu?!"

This employee whom he apparently sought told deputies the man then thrust a pointed finger into his face over the counter and cussed him out about his meal order missing two chicken legs while frequently using "the F-word." The young employee reportedly tried to calm him, saying there was no need to yell—getting the reply, "Fuck you!" before the man continued cussing, meanwhile deeming him both a "Hindu" and a "Pakistani."

Security footage corroborated employee claims that the subject then allegedly thrust off the counter some stainless steel trays stacked with condiments, cups and other restaurant miscellany, causing salt and pepper shakers to shatter on the floor and spill everywhere—with the trays almost hitting the persecuted employee. His coworker believed the man was about to mount the counter for a physical attack, but when he saw someone calling law enforcement, he finally left (without any chicken legs).

Deputies found the address of the man, who answered his door asking, "What in the hell do you want?"—and when deputies identified themselves, he said, "I already know that; I can see your uniform."

Asked if he'd just been at the KFC, he retorted, "Yeah. What's it to ya?" Then, responding to a request to emerge from behind his locked wrought-iron screen door, he said, "Hell no!"

He said he'd ordered something through the KFC drive-thru, where he couldn't understand the "damn foreigner," and he found his meal missing food when he got home. When he phoned KFC, he said, "the damn foreigners" wouldn't answer, so he "got really pissed," drove back there, and declared "they ripped him off chicken and he need(ed) two legs, right now."

He said the "Arab, Middle Eastern, foreigner dude" came out—claiming the employee had been aggressive toward him—and then ranted at length about how he "does not appreciate a great deal of races." At one point, he mistook a deputy for Hispanic because of his Italian name.

Cited for disorderly conduct and told he was banned from the KFC, he ultimately said "he understood, but he was so upset because they did not give him his chicken."