Hi Fi Kitchen Responds to Wildcat Cap Kerfuffle

Scottsdale's self-proclaimed "world class club" Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails is under hot water for possibly discriminating against a Tucsonan decked out in University of Arizona Wildcats apparel. Michael Underwood was asked to leave the club Sunday afternoon because he was wearing a University of Arizona hat, so Underwood put the cap in his vehicle and tried to re-enter the establishment. The Daily published Michael Underwood's video of a Hi Fi security guard refusing the Wildcats fan back in the club because he was violating dress code.

Underwood panned his camera phone around the establishment and captured multiple patrons (not wearing UA gear) violating the dress code, but they weren't being asked to leave.

Here's the official response from Hi Fi Facebook page:

Looks like an explanation is in order. The video circulating around, was a door rejection based on our after 5 p.m. dress code. It has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with his U of A gear. Plain and simple. After 5, we begin the transition to a dinner atmosphere, and nightclub thereafter. I know, I know...but a dress code comes along with the territory.

To claim we're not welcoming of Wildcats is just rubbish! I mean, we're hosting a Wildcat viewing party this Thursday, not to mention one of our sister bars is Wildcat headquarters. Sun Devils, Wildcats, Ducks, Gators, Billikens...

every one is welcome, so retract the claws, Cats, we come in peace!

Here's another response for good measure:

The gentleman who was denied entry to our Scottsdale location was not allowed into the establishment because he was out of dress code. He was in no way denied entry due to UA Attire.

We chose to open a location in Tucson because we want to work with the University and have great respect for their fans. Our management team is led by UA Alumni and our staff consists of an army of Wildcats. We would not have chosen to open in Tucson if we didn’t care about the city’s deep connection to the University and its Athletics.

We apologize for the confusion and look forward to supporting the city of Tucson, the University of Arizona and its fans for years to come.

Thank You,
Rick Cano, GM
Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails Tucson

So, what does this say about the new Hi Fi restaurant under construction in downtown Tucson?

Maybe this is just an isolated event and the Tucson location will be more Wildcat-friendly. We would like to hope so. You know we love new business coming to the Old Pueblo. So, will you give Hi Fi the benefit of the doubt and bring your business when the music-centric, retro haunt club is up and running?