Downtown's District Tavern Looking to Relocate in 2015

The District Tavern looking to relocate because of rent increase.
  • Photo courtesy of The District Tavern Facebook page.
  • The District Tavern looking to relocate due to rent increase in 2015.

District Tavern owner Noël Chester tells The Range this afternoon that the downtown tavern will celebrate its 10th anniversary by relocating in 2015 after she learned that her rent would be going up next year.

Chester said that she couldn't justify paying $28 a square foot for an establishment that lacks air conditioning, water pressure and a walk-in freezer. The bar suffered a 30 percent decrease in business since the closing of Fourth Avenue underpass, fencing down East Congress for the streetcar construction that began in 2012.

But she's still profitable and hopes to continue to be successful somewhere in South Tucson, where rents are lower.

"I'm in the black and I'm blessed," Chester said.

Chester has expressed unhappiness with the city and foreseen the day would have to relocate.

Chester says establishments like The District, that cater to a certain demographic downtown, are being "systematically decimated."

The building is owned by Scott Stiteler, who did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.