Police Dispatch

Senior citizens and Christmas spirit



NOV. 18, 7:30 A.M.

A woman said she was repeatedly delayed in getting to work by a senior citizen who kept jumping in front of her car and screaming and waving his cane at her as she left her house, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The woman told a deputy that the man, whom she did not know, had tried to block her car after she left her driveway every single morning for the last month. She described him as tall and in his 80s.

The woman said she rolled down her window one time and told the man to get out of the way, and that he yelled something about slowing down, although she hadn't been traveling faster than 3 mph.

That morning, she said, he stood in the middle of her relatively busy street in a foothills neighborhood and refused to move, even after she honked and waved at him. She said she finally managed to squeeze by the man.

The deputy combed the neighborhood but was unable to find the man the woman described. He told her to call 911 if there was another incident.



DEC. 7, 12:35 P.M.

A woman's Christmas spirit was broken when someone stole her seasonal lawn ornaments—two cheerful snowmen—a PCSD report said.

The woman told a deputy that she and her daughter were at home that day when they saw an unknown young woman walk up to their front porch and grab the snowmen, a large one that lit up when its batteries were connected and a smaller one made of tin.

She said the thief tucked a snowman under each arm and ran to a waiting car whose license plate number she couldn't make out. The woman said she wanted to report the theft in case the thief was taking lawn ornaments from other houses in her foothills neighborhood.

The deputy drove through her neighborhood but saw nothing suspicious.