Porn and Death: A Pre-Christmas Crime Story

Two people apparently robbed the oddly placed M Passion Adult Boutique next to Picacho Peak early this morning, then following a high speed chase with Pinal County sheriffs, one of the alleged robbers was killed and the other wounded.

Numerous media outlets have reported on the incident, which began around 6:30 a.m. when the suspects allegedly tied up—no word on if this was done with rope or in-store novelty items—the female store clerk and then swiped cash from the register and made off with the store's safe.

About 10 minutes after the robbery, a Pinal deputy collided with the suspects' vehicle along Arizona Highway 87 near Eloy. The suspects allegedly shot at the deputy, who returned fire, according to a Sheriff's department spokesman.

One suspect was dead on scene, the other air-lifted with a leg wound, according to reports.

M Passion, with its bright pink building and oversized sign along Interstate 10 across from the Dairy Queen and gas station/gift shop at Picacho Peak, has been open since December 2011. Yet, through my oh-so-scientific examination during numerous drives past (haven't been inside in two years) I have no idea how the place stays open since there's never more than one car in the parking lot.

Who knows what this incident will do to business.