5 Points Market Opening in January

The historic Armory Park neighborhood is getting a new breakfast, music venue and farmers market in the New Year.

The 5 Point Market is opening up next door to Café Desta on 758 South Stone Ave.

“We love the neighborhood,” co-owner Beth Jones said in a late phone interview today. “We asked ourselves, 'What would we want next door (to Café Desta)? What would be good for the neighborhood?' ”

The building and restaurant is family owned. The primary owners are Jones’ brother-in-law Telahoun Molla and her twin sister Brooke Molla. The trio opened the city’s second Ethiopian eatery three years ago . “We were able to take this very unemployable refugee community, especially the women, and give them jobs. The most amazing thing was watching them grow, and a lot of these gals unfolded amazingly,” Jones said. Some of the original female employees are still working there.

The idea to open a restaurant that specializes in American breakfast and lunch food was Telahoun’s idea.

The restaurant's hours so far will be Monday through Friday from seven o’clock in the morning until 9 p.m. Weekend hours haven’t been decided yet. There will be a farmers market and venue for live music. Jones says there are tango nights every first and third Sunday of the month already going on, and hopes that the restaurant inspires more artists to come use the space. "I'd love to see a slam poetry night," Jones said.

The menu hasn't been crafted yet because they are still looking for a cook. Jones says they are looking to hire up to seven experienced food and hospitality employees. “One thing we have always done is offer a wonderful working environment,” Jones said. “We want to incorporate some of the spices and menu items from Café Desta.” Jones said that they are going try to use as much locally grown food possible. The farmers market will also include food and items she adores from the south side of Tucson.

Jones says the only thing they are missing is a cook, but otherwise they plan on opening on Jan. 2.