NFL News: Raider Fan Jumps From Third Deck, Cardinals in Wild-Card Race, Bon Jovi

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The Arizona Cardinals whooped the Indiana Colts 40-11 yesterday afternoon. After four straight wins, the Cards are firmly seeded in the NFC playoff picture.

Nothing about Sunday's game was close. The Cardinals dominated a first place team in every way that mattered, taking a 27-3 lead into the halftime break and extending it to 34-3 before the Colts finally reached the end zone. The game was out of hand pretty much from the beginning, which allowed some fans to apparently leave as the third quarter came to an end.

Yesterday wasn't a good day for the Oakland Raiders. A woman in her mid 20s jumped from the third deck of the Oakland Coliseum, injuring herself and a man one level below who tried to catch her, according to Alameda County sheriff's office spokesman. Apparently, the woman ventured off to a closed off section of the stadium and took the 45 foot leap even though there were people below telling her not to. The woman was taken to a hospital in “very critical” condition, and the hopeless human pillow who tried to catch her was in stable condition.

I think Bon Jovi can afford a better team.
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  • I think Bon Jovi can afford a better team.

Rumor has it that rock legend Bon Jovi is interested in purchasing the Buffalo Bills. Bon Jovi has to wait for the current owner to croak before he can own the 4-7 AFC team.

The Bills will go to the market when owner Ralph Wilson passes, and, while many league sources believe the Rogers Communications group in Toronto, who already work closely with the Wilson family to stage games annually in Toronto, is the prime suitor for the franchise, sources said Bon Jovi has spent considerable time in the area getting to know politicians and power brokers and even added a date there late in a recent tour to allow for more time to allocate to the matter.

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