The Husband and Wife Known as Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl Have Died

Tragic and troubling news from Bisbee over the last two days, as Amy and Derrick Ross, known to local music fans as Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl, have both died.

Monday, Amy Ross, who had significant health issues, including suffering from lupus and needing kidney dialysis, died in a Tucson hospital, prior to heart surgery related to an infection. Strangely, the news was delivered via a post on her Facebook page:

From Amy Ross Facebook page
  • From Amy Ross' Facebook page

This morning, in news we've unfortunately confirmed with Bisbee police, Amy's page announced that Derrick committed suicide:

From Amy Ross Facebook page
  • From Amy Ross' Facebook page

The two were incredibly talented and dedicated musicians and both will be missed.

It's a rough listen, especially considering how things turned out, but Derrick was a guest on Doug Stanhope's podcast last week, discussing Amy's illness.

More information as we get it.


UPDATE: Mel Mason is organizing an event to celebrate the couple and their music at 7 pm tonight at Delectables. More information can be found on Facebook.

UPDATE: According to a post retweeted by Doug Stanhope, a friend of the couple, there's a gathering tonight at the Bisbee Grand at 6 PM.