How Are You Going to Celebrate International Fisting Day?

R.I.P. Hump Day

Fluxx Studio & Gallery is celebrating International Fisting Day on Oct. 21 and you should too.

Sometimes the press release writes itself:

October 21st marks the THIRD annual International Fisting Day, where bloggers, artists, activists, journalists, and fisting lovers all over the world come together to celebrate this beloved and controversial sex act. We hope that International Fisting Day gives you a day to feel pride in your favorite sex act, no matter how misunderstood or shameful they have made you feel in the past.

There's a NSFW Fisting Day tumblr blog that's dedicated to the event. The blog is encouraging everyone to write about fisting experiences on their blog and submit it to the fisting tumblr site. The blog is accepting art, photos and videos devoted to this global event. All the submissions will be collected and displayed on NSFW sex websites Courtney Trouble and Jizlee.