Best Italian


Who knew? Caesar has been misquoted all these years. What he really said was "Veni, vidi, Vivace!" The exclamation has echoed through the years, sending diners seeking something spectacularly Italian to St. Philip's Plaza and the tables of Daniel Scordato's venerable Vivace. The upscale restaurant features unique twists on pasta dishes (artichoke-goat cheese cannelloni, anyone?), osso buco, shellfish (roasted shrimp with seafood stuffing), crab-filled chicken breast and other delights to make you drool ever so delicately. There's a lunch menu, too, and a wine list that can make you happy by the bottle or glass. Of course, dessert is a must—the crème brûlée is absolutely terrific.

Runners up:

2. Mama Louisa's

2041 S. Craycroft Road


3. Caruso's

434 N. Fourth Ave.