Best Greek

OPA! Greek Cuisine and Fun

Inside a strip mall on a busy stretch of Campbell Avenue lies a lively simulation of a Greek village. The walls are painted with murals of a seaside town, piled high with homes on hills. Fake ivy crawls atop bone-white columns. Mezzo Luna tables face outward, so patrons can look out onto other patrons and share their dining experiences, for this dining is truly and unexpectedly dynamic. Brave and feisty waitresses come out with burgers that are literally on fire, glowing in orange flames, and these ladies yell out, Opa! Choose from a wide and diverse menu, with familiar favorites like crispy and warm falafel, tightly rice-packed dolmades, savory and succulent beef and lamb gyros, tangy and feta-sprinkled salads, and the sweetest stacks of paper known to man: baklava.

Runners up:

2. a href="">Fronomos Greek Cafe

3242 E. Speedway Blvd.


3. Athens on 4th Ave.

500 N. Fourth Ave.