Best Farmers' Market

St. Philips Farmers' Market

By sheer number of vendors, this Farmers' Market should win this category. Here you can find vegetables galore or seeds to grow your own. Homemade treats run from jams and jellies to treats for your pup. Tamales, salsas, desert honey, hand-roasted coffee by the bag or the cup. Baked goods, knife sharpeners, pita bread and pistachios. Grass-fed beef is there for the asking; you can even find fresh salmon straight out of the water. Eggs via chicken or duck. Cheeses that melt in your mouth. With careful shopping you could probably find your whole week's worth of meals. Now, we're talking about the Sunday market here. But it should be noted that the market that takes place on Saturday, which has always been more subdued, has recently been taken over by the same people who run the Sunday market. This is a good thing.

Runners up:

2. Santa Cruz River Farmers' Market

100 S. Avenida del Convento


3. The Farmers' Market at Maynards

400 N. Toole Ave.