Best Car Wash

Simoniz Car Wash

Probably the best (and most charming) reason to go to Simoniz for a car wash is this: At each location, there is a pet bunny hopping around in the lobby. This lovable quirk is just one of many things that make this car wash place memorable. The Simoniz staff is fast, thorough and friendly. Plus, they don't pester you to purchase a $30 car wash package, if all you really want is a wash and vacuum for eight bucks. As you wait for the wash, you can hang out in their lobby, equipped with a TV, magazines and a plethora of car paraphernalia.

Runners up:

2. Octopus Car Wash

6611 N. Thornydale Road


7210 E. 22nd St.


2011 W. Valencia Road


3. Metro Car Wash

3050 N. Oracle Road

(800) 844-0130

5150 E. Speedway Blvd.

(800) 844-0130

—Most honest answers: One vote for "waiting for the rain, saves water and effort!"; one vote for "the monsoons"; one vote for "My Kids"